Why renovate when you can revamp your room with art?

When you are looking around your home or office space you can get a bit bored of the same tired décor. Whilst refreshing the paint in your home or business can lift its appearance, the right artwork can transform your space.

Interior designers can take a room and transform it without even picking up a paint brush, but how?

The right art can set the tone for the whole room. Picked carefully and thoughtfully, art can completely change the look of a room. It is important to choose art that meshes well with your current furniture to avoid having to change everything.

Change up those boring white walls with an instant pop of colour. It can be temping to play it safe when you are choosing framed art and stretched canvases but adding a striking feature can change the dynamics of the wall completely.

Once you’ve chosen your feature piece you might want to tie it into the rest of the room with some cushions, blankets, flowers and decorative pieces. By adding a splash of colour throughout the room, it will tie your colour scheme together and give it a real sense of character.

Art has the power to evoke emotions and strong reactions, so a thoughtfully chosen piece can add more than a little colour to your home or work space, it can add feeling.

Creating a focal point in an otherwise bland room changes it instantly. A great piece of art has the power to transform a room and choosing a large piece of art can draw the attention of the entire room.

Choosing between stretched canvases and framed art all depends on what you want to achieve; talk to the team at Innovate Interiors and see how different textures can affect the end result.

Art plays a big part in home décor

Art can take a room from functional to finished. A piece of art can give your home or work space that finishing touch that would otherwise be missing. It can add personality and style and tie all your décor

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