How to create the perfect gallery wall

Creating the perfect gallery wall can transform your space. A gallery wall done right can add a unique and interesting dimension to a wall and make it a feature, a gallery wall done wrong can become an eyesore.

There are quite a few considerations when it comes to designing the perfect gallery wall, and it needn’t cost you a fortune.


A gallery wall needs to take into account the surroundings, and not clash with the current décor, so while you can still mix it up a little, make sure you take a look around and try to find things that complement your colour scheme and don’t clash with it.


Choosing the right frames is key to the end result. Some people think that you need to stick to the same frames for the perfect gallery wall, and whilst it can look amazing, there is no hard and fast rule for this. Mixing up your frames can add a creative flair but keep them tasteful.  Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast can help you organise your framed art together to create a truly breathtaking end result.

Personal taste

The perfect gallery wall is all dependent on your taste, after all, it is you that has to look at it day in day out. Choose pieces that you like, pieces that speak to you and give you the effect that you want for that room. Soft pastel colours are soothing and calming, whereas bold colours give a more dramatic statement.


When it comes to positioning your framed art, try and be creative. Get some blue tape and do a mock layout before hanging your images, this will give you a good idea of positioning. A spirit leveller will be your best friend during this process, so make sure you have one at hand.

Framed artwork with a twist

The perfect gallery wall is one that you are happy with. If you need some assistance or advice come and see the team at Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast. We can advise you on a collection of framed artworks that will complement your space and give you a truly unique and beautiful gallery wall, the perfect feature.

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