A life without art

So, what would a life without art look like?

Whilst many people immediately think of the fine arts when they hear the word ‘art’ there’s so much more. Think of the beautiful picture in your daughter’s nursery, the stretched canvas you look at in the doctor’s surgery, or the framed art that you have hanging in your property, that’s what makes your house a home. What would those spaces look like without it?

When you really look for it, art is all around us

Art adds colour to life; good art can evoke emotions and it can transform moods and feelings just by being in its presence. Art can define who we are as people, and it can give us a lot of joy.

Life without art seems quite dull. Look around, what if that ocean scene wasn’t on the wall, or you didn’t have that magnificent painting at the head of your bed, how bland and boring life would be.

Good art can make us smile, cry or even laugh; it inspires great imaginations and creativity. Studies have shown that art can make our brains react in the same way as when we look at a loved one. Enjoying art has become a guilty pleasure, since some in society deem it as pretentious, but those same people usually display several pieces of art around their home, as do most of the population. Art, it’s not so uncommon when you look for it.

A life without art – Never

A life without art, who dares to think it? There’s no need to deprive yourself, Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast has a range of art, framed pictures, stretched canvases, custom wallpaper, mirrors, and much more, so you never have to lead a life where art doesn’t exist.

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