How to take the perfect family picture

How to take the perfect family picture

Picture Perfect

Taking the perfect family picture can be quite tough, whether Uncle Bob has his eyes closed, or Aunt Mavis is looking in the other direction, it can be a bit tricky. Add children and pets into the equation and you could have quite the task ahead of you.

At Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast we’ve come up with a few tips to help you take the perfect family photo.

Location, location, location

Find a location that provides a clean background; that’s not to say you can’t have lush woodland or a beautiful beach as the backdrop. If you have children choose a spot they are familiar and comfortable with to try and put them at ease and get the best results.


Whilst you don’t want to wear matching outfits, or maybe you do, try and keep the colour palette similar to add a bit of uniformity; it’s a lot easier on the eye.


You might not have a studio set up with lighting, but that’s ok; nature provides the perfect lighting. Work out the time of day that you like the light, whether it’s in the morning sun, or you like the glowing afternoon light, it’s up to you.

A good quality camera

For the best results use a good quality camera. iPhones can produce great pictures, but nothing beats a good quality camera.

Frames that complete the picture

When you have the perfect family photo why not display it proudly. You can opt to have your image printed and choose a beautiful picture frame, or you can get it printed onto stretched canvas. A family image displayed in a custom picture frame can be a beautiful addition to your home. Do you have more photos you’d like to display? Why not create a gallery wall? Talk to the team at Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast for advice on creating the perfect gallery wall for your space.

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