Why buy a mirror for your space?

Why buy a mirror for your space?

Time to reflect

When it comes to adding style and elegance to your space, have you ever considered mirrors? A mirror adds so much more than a place to check your reflection.

Let’s take a look at the reasons to buy a mirror for your space.

  • Mirrors, when placed in the right location, reflect light beautifully, giving your space that open, breezy feel. Make sure not to point a mirror at a wall, or an area that you don’t want highlighted.
  • Add some sparkle to your room at night by adding a candle or lamp near your mirror and watch the twinkling light subtly reflect around your room.
  • Whilst it can be overpowering in some cases to use large works of art in small spaces, this is not the case when it comes to a mirror. Mirrors have the ability to reflect space which can make a small room appear much larger; so, don’t be afraid to go large with your mirror choice. Mirrors add depth and spaciousness, so if you can’t add real estate, at least you can add the illusion of space.
  • If you want a large mirror, for something different you could group together a lot of small mirrors, similar to that of a gallery wall to give a unique and stunning feature.
  • Mirrors can add decoration and design to a space, with so many shapes, sizes and styles of frames these days you can style up your room with the right frame. Mirrors with a wood finish give a very different look to those with a mosaic tile boarder, or a plain white frame. So, decide on your décor and then choose a frame that will complement it.
  • Choosing the right shape mirror for your space will play an important role in the overall effect it has on the room, and the illusion it will give. A round mirror can give a whimsical feel, whereas as a square mirror portrays order and uniformity. Putting mirrors vertically and horizontally can give the appearance of height or width, retrospectively.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Talk to the friendly team at Innovate Interior on the Gold Coast and we can help advise you on the best mirror for your space. Along with supplying mirrors, we have a range of art that can enhance your home or commercial premises, including; framed art, custom wallpaper, stretched canvases, and custom memorabilia. Come into our Gold Coast showroom and take a look.

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