Framing tips for nature photography

Framing tips for nature photography

Whether you’re a nature photographer yourself, or you simply enjoy nature prints, it is essential that you frame your pieces correctly. With custom framing, you can accentuate the natural beauty of your images, while ensuring they last for years to come.

Grey scale or colour?

Nature photography seeks to capture the beautiful of the natural world and colour is a big part of it. If you want to brighten a space, then choose a photo that is bursting with colours that complement your décor. Popular choices include vivid greens, calming blues or dreamy pastels. For colourful images, it’s best to either stick with white or timber frames and white or off-white mat boards.

While traditionally nature photography is displayed in full colour, you can also achieve a gorgeous look by muting your colours into grey scale. This effect can really accentuate the details of macro photography (e.g. close ups of flowers or leaves) or give landscapes a more pensive, atmospheric feel. For grey scale images stick with a black or white frame and white mat board for something subtle or use an accent colour such as red or blue to make the photo really pop.

Single frame or multiple?

While it’s most traditional to blow up one piece of nature photography and then frame it as a centrepiece, there are so many other options. If you want to display a huge panorama, but want to make things more interesting, try breaking up the landscape into thirds and hanging three adjacent frames to complete the picture.

If you have a collection of photos with the same subject or colour palette, then place them all in matching frames and place them in a horizontal lines to create kind of story. Or, for something more eclectic, create your very own gallery wall by custom framing your photographs in various styles and finishes.

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