Rolled canvas vs. stretched canvas

Rolled canvas vs. stretched canvas

One of the most common questions framers and art suppliers get is – what’s the difference between rolled canvas and stretched canvas? To help you understand the differences between both forms of canvas, here is some information from the team at Innovate Interiors.

What is rolled canvas?

Rolled canvas is a piece of canvas or a canvas print that has not been stretched over a timber frame. This means it is less susceptible to damage and can be rolled for easier storage or transportation. Rolled canvas must be stretched before it can be displayed.

The benefits of rolled canvas

People who opt for rolled canvas usually do so to cut costs. Canvas can be purchased quite cheaply by the roll and can be stretched locally for a better price. Many artists also feel that you can get a much better result if a canvas is stretched after it has been painted on.

What is stretched canvas?

Stretched canvas is a canvas print or blank canvas that has been stretched over a timber frame and is ready to hang straight on the wall. The canvas is generally stapled behind the frame and covered in a tightening agent to give it a better fit.

The benefits of stretched canvas

People opt for stretched canvas if they are buying digital canvas art from a printing company or if they prefer to paint on a pre-stretched canvas. This ensures a professional finish with an ideal tension. This is always the best option for digital prints as innovative printing technologies deliver near-perfect print work.

Stretched canvas is a beautiful way to display any of your favourite photos or prints. With professional on-site printing, we can transform your favourite images into stunning features for your home or office. So, if you’re looking for quality stretched canvas art, contact our Gold Coast store.

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