Why you should have your art professionally framed

Why you should have your art professionally framed

Framing isn’t cheap, which is why so many people try their hand at DIY framing. While this may save money short term, there are many reasons why you should have your art professionally framed.

Create your ideal aesthetic

By choosing a professional framed art service you can choose from a wide range of frame colours and finishes, designer mat boards and mounting options to suit your taste. This means that whether you are framing photography, prints or artwork, you can choose the right frame for the job.

Get a frame that lasts

By opting for professional framing you are guaranteed to get a durable and long lasting frame that won’t need to be replaced. This means that you will save money in the long run.

Cater to multiple pieces

This is particularly important if you are framing multiple pieces. For uniformity, opt for a simple, uniform look or create an elaborate eclectic gallery wall in your own home or commercial space.

Protect your artwork

Frames do more than just display art; they actually protect it. Professional framing services can frame artwork in UV protection glass so your art won’t fade. Professional framers also offer sealed frames to protect your framed art from weathering or insect damage.

Increase your investment

Just like the materials used to create the artwork itself, frames are an investment. If you have invested in a quality piece of art, then it pays to display it in frame that will do it justice. With the right frame and mounting you can elevate your art to a new level and increase the piece’s overall value.

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