The benefits of canvas prints

The benefits of canvas prints

While framed art is beautiful, canvas prints (or stretched canvas) are becoming a popular alternative in Gold Coast homes. Providing you have a high-quality image, with enough resolution you can immortalise your images on stretched canvas. Whether it’s a portrait of your family or a scenic landscape, here are four great benefits of displaying your photography on stretched canvas.

No size limitations

With framed photography, the larger the print, the heavier the frame. This means that even if your image quality is fantastic and you can blow the image up to a massive scale, you will still be limited by the weight of the frame. With stretched canvas, you can have an image as large as you like, with the only real limitation being the size of your wall.

Glare free

While glass is beautiful, glass panels are extremely reflective, especially when placed in a room with lots of natural light. The beauty of stretched canvas is that it doesn’t require framing, so you can enjoy the photo without being distracted by glare.


While canvas as a material is reasonably expensive, it is still far cheaper than printing a high-quality image and having it mounted and framed. So, if you need artwork on a budget, then stretched canvas is a fantastic way to add art into your home.

Added dimension

By choosing a stretched canvas instead of a framed photograph, you can add more dimensionality to your walls. Instead of sitting flat against your wall, a canvas print is very three dimensional, standing out both figuratively and literally.


Due to the fact canvas prints are stretched over a frame, they are more durable than prints which is why they have been a staple in museums and art galleries for hundreds of years.

If you’re looking for quality stretched canvas art on the Gold Coast, then contact Innovate Interiors today. Not only can also print any of your favourite photos onto stretched canvas, we also have a collection of over 600 artworks to choose from. We also supply shadow boxes to make your stretched canvas really pop.

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