5 simple ways to lift the look of your café

5 simple ways to lift the look of your café

These days cafes about so much more than the food. Diners are looking for the full café experience, awesome music, delicious food, great service and of course a wonderful interior. So if you’re looking to lift the look of your café, here are 5 simple tips from the team at Innovate Interiors.

Custom wallpaper

If you want a striking café interior, then why not invest in custom designed and printed wallpaper. If you want a more harmonious look, stick to a strict colour theme, or for an edgier look, opt for a series of different custom wallpapers to highlight different walls.

Eye-catching art

Whether you opt for a custom mural or commercial art, it’s important to fill your café with eye-catching art. If you are struggling to find the right art for your café, commercial art providers, such as Innovate Interiors, offer custom packages to design and deliver the art you’re looking for.

Experiment with lighting

Lighting is a key part of every interior. It can transform the look and feel of your café and help create a mood or ambience that fits in with your décor. Experiment with a range of different lighting, including overhead, accent, ambient and decorative to really lift the look of your café.

LED backlit signs

Effective at both day and night, backlit signage is both striking and beautiful. You can place LED backlit signs on the fascia of your building, within your café window or onto your rooftop to help customers to find you more easily.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the indoor plant revolution is in full swing. When it comes to a café’s interior you can never have too many plants. You can place them in pots, line them on shelves or hang them from ceilings, whatever works best for you. Not only do plants look great, they significantly improve your air quality.

Need commercial art or custom wallpaper for your café? The team at Innovate Interior have you covered. Based on the Gold Coast, we have over 600 pieces in our commercial art collection and a knowledge of custom wallpaper trends, so we can help you lift the look of your café.

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