We’ve been recognised in the Gold Coast Innovation Showcase!

Like so many small businesses, when Covid took hold we found ourselves brainstorming creative ways to adapt to the unique challenges it presented. We’ve been working tirelessly to think outside the box and develop some new multi-faceted products that not only add value to our lives right now, but will also be genuinely useful on the other side as well. Our very first reaction to the new Covid climate, was to launch a completely free set of downloadable Printables – at what felt like a very uncertain and scary time, we poured our energy into focusing on all the ‘good’ and dreamt up a small offering in solidarity to help brighten up all the makeshift home offices and homeschool desks (aka dining room tables), while we all scrambled to make sense of our ‘new normal’. 

Many of the new products we’ve since developed have been devised as solutions to the challenges we have been navigating with our own families at this time. Our brand new large format dry-erase Wall Planners for example, were conceived to meet the need for a stylish yet functional solution to create some sense of order amid the chaos of juggling home schooling, work and keeping a household running. Similarly, our adorable Australian-inspired Super-sized Colouring Sheets were dreamt up as a way to keep little hands busy and minds grounded, but we quickly realised they provided a wholesome dose of hours of fun for the whole family! Judging by how quickly these new products have become much-loved, genuinely useful fixtures in our own homes, we think we’ve nailed our ‘pivots’ ⁠–⁠ and we hope you do too!

Much to our excitement, last week we (AND our super-sweet aforementioned Colouring Pages) were recognised for our creative adaptations during Covid by the Gold Coast Innovation Showcase. If you’ve seen, or heard about us via 1029 Hot Tomato or myGC, we’re SO happy to welcome you to our little local circle of interior lovers – if you are new to Innovate, you can read all about us and our services here! It has been a super exciting few weeks for those of us who didn’t have to appear in front of the camera [sorry Rinni, but you #nailedit even if you are still vomiting from the nerves 😉] 

You can watch our feature below, or read the myGC article here. (And if you know a fellow Gold Coast business also doing their best to adapt to these crazy times, you can also nominate them via that link as well. We’re sure they would be super grateful for the support right now!)


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