Story telling with art

Story telling with art

Since the dawn of time, humans have used art to tell stories and pass down histories and cultures. From early rock paintings to the masterpieces of the renaissance, art is used to form narratives and often illustrate well-known historical, religious, legendary, or mythic stories.

Art can either depict a series of moments, like a storyline or focus on one central moment that is used to represent an entire story. Nowadays, artists create their own narratives, using colour, line, gesture, composition, and symbolism.


As most people know, different colours evoke different emotions. Blue is often to reflect peace, tranquillity and calmness, as well as a cooler or depressed atmosphere. Red represents excitement, energy, passion, love and power as well as heat, blood and war. Yellow is usually used to indicate joy, happiness and warmth and white for purity, innocence and simplicity.


Art that depicts characters or figures may focus on gestures, facial expressions or stances to communicate feelings and emotions and tell stories. For example, hand shakes for alliances and unity, salutes to show respect or bowing to show worship.


The line or brushstrokes used to create an artwork can also help to create narrative. Blurred or messy lines are more romantic and dreamlike, whereas harsh, straight lines can be more brutal or abstract. Custom framing can also be used to accentuate these narrative lines.

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