Creative ways to display family portraits

Creative ways to display family portraits
Family portraits are extremely important. Seeing photos of our family fill us with pride and joy and help us remember details that we might otherwise forget. Over the years, we collect lots of portraits of our family, but finding the right way to display them can be difficult. So, to help you out, here are some creative ideas from the custom framing experts at Innovate Interiors.

A collection of individual portraits

If you’re looking to create an interesting feature with family portraits, then why not display individual portraits of each one of your children. Blow up the photos to a large size and frame each one in a matching frame and hang them side by side. For best results ensure that all your children have their portraits taken with the same backdrop or during the same photoshoot.

A grid for a family of four

If you have a family of four, then the grid arrangement can look especially impressive. Organise a professional photoshoot of your family and get professionals shot for all four of you. Have the photos framed in identical frames and arrange them in a grid. For something timeless, have the photos shot in greyscale and place them in solid black frames.

Side by side transformation shots

As all parents know, children grow up so fast so it pays to take photos whenever you can. To celebrate your kids, find a dual picture frame and place a photo of your child when they were a baby alongside a more recent photo.

Hallway gallery

One of the most popular ways to display family portraits, the hallway gallery is a beautiful way to show off your favourite family photos. Choose the same frame colour or finish for each photo to create a sense of cohesion or get creative with an eclectic array of different frames. Looking for professional custom framing for your family portraits? Innovate Interiors can help you find the perfect frames and mat boards for your family portraits and give you advice about how to best display them in your home. If you are interested in our custom framing solutions, then visit our Gold Coast store or give us a call.

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