5 makeover ideas for your hotel lobby

Quick makeover ideas

A hotel can have immaculately presented rooms, but if your lobby is a little shabby it can create a very negative perception.

First impressions count, and your lobby is the first thing a customer sees when they enter your hotel, let it make an impression for all the right reasons.

Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast have a few make-over ideas for your hotel lobby.

Furniture cleaning

The furniture and carpet in a hotel lobby gets a fair bit of use; maybe it’s time to get the carpet and upholstery cleaner in. Breathe life into your furnishings with a good clean. A good clean can lift out stains, remove dirt and grime, and bring your furnishings back to life.


Shine the silver, clean the windows and dust the countertops. A thorough clean can make all the difference. Bring back the shine to dull fixtures and fittings, take old broken décor away and either repair or replace it and get everything sparkling.

Mix it up

By moving your furniture around you can open up the space in your lobby. Try adding some mirrors to give the illusion of spaciousness. Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast has a range of mirrors that can lift the appearance of a hotel lobby significantly.


Plants add some life, colour and greenery to a lobby. Be careful, because a dying plant looks worse than no plant at all. Always keep your plants looking vibrant and healthy.


Framed art and stretched canvases are a great way to add some style to your décor. Think about the demographic you are appealing to and talk to the team at Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast and we can advise you on the best artwork for your needs. Adding artwork to your lobby can add a touch of style and differentiate it. Plus, when you get tired of the artwork you can easily rotate it for a quick change.

Design. Develop. Deliver

Call Innovate Interiors on the Gold Coast on 07 5500 5521; we can help find the right artwork for your space.

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