Custom Designed and Printed Wallpaper for every space

Our custom wallpaper is designed by our professional inhouse creatives. If you are renovating a space, it’s always a great idea to chat to us first. You can diversify your interior with our custom printed and designed wallpaper. Our custom wallpaper is durable, colourful and resistant to scratching and scrubbing which means it will last. When it comes to your design, the sky is the limit. You’ll be amazed at how wallpaper can tie your décor together.

Our experienced staff can help you create an impact

Are you updating the look of your commercial office or business? The décor of your business or office space says more about you than you may realise. With beautifully styled spaces, comfortable areas for customers or clients and design elements that pop, you can enhance their experience. With our custom wallpaper, you can also incorporate your logo, slogan or company mission adding a personal touch.

Create a fun and inviting space for children

If you work with children, you’ll understand more than ever that they crave fun and comforting environments. With our custom wallpaper, you can create fantastic visual spaces and transform a doctor’s surgery into an aquarium or a classroom into a jungle and make your wallpaper educational. Whatever your vision Innovate Interiors can bring it to life.

Contact our Gold Coast warehouse to see what we can create for you

If you would like more information about our custom wallpaper services, contact our Gold Coast warehouse to speak with our helpful team. You can find more information about our wallpaper varieties here. You can also read more about our discussion on custom wallpaper trends in our guest article for Accom Mag here.


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