Diversify your interior spaces with our custom printed and designed wallpaper. Durable, colourful, creative wall decorations that last with scrub-&-scratch-resistant performance.

Custom Designed and Printed Wallpaper for every space

Our custom wallpaper is sourced, designed and curated by our professional in-house creatives. If you are renovating a space, it’s always a great idea to chat to us first. You can diversify your interior with our custom printed and designed wallpaper. Our custom wallpaper is durable, colourful and resistant to scratching and scrubbing which means it will last. When it comes to your design, the sky is the limit. You’ll be amazed at how wallpaper can tie your décor together.

Our experienced staff can help you create an impact

Are you updating the look of your commercial office or business? The décor of your business or office space says more about you than you may realise. With beautifully styled spaces, comfortable areas for customers or clients and design elements that pop, you can enhance their experience. With our custom wallpaper, you can also incorporate your logo, slogan or company mission adding a personal touch.

Create a fun and inviting space for children

Children crave fun and comforting environments. With our custom wallpaper, you can create fantastic visual spaces and transform a doctor’s surgery into an aquarium or a classroom into a jungle and make your wallpaper educational. Whatever your vision Innovate Interiors can bring it to life.

Contact our Gold Coast warehouse to see what we can create for you

If you would like more information about our custom wallpaper services, contact our helpful team. You can also read more about our discussion on custom wallpaper trends in our guest article for Accom Mag here.


Mint Art Co’s DIY Wallpaper Collections can transform any room from drab to fab – with no messy paste necessary. All our wallpapers are easy to remove as well, so no need to stress about changing your mind in a few years and wanting to refresh your space… You can choose new wallpaper and do it all again 😉

Mint Art Co’s Murals will come scaled to your wall dimensions. Just enter the width and height of your wall and we will calculate the rest. All our mural panels come with a 25mm overlap for ease of installation, and we will add an extra 50mm around the edges to accommodate those ‘just in case’ moments.

Our Peel & Stick Wallpapers are most popular for home installers, however our Spray & Up Wallpaper is also an easy alternative. Our Wet & Up is usually utilised by more commercial spaces.


Wallpaper Media Information

Smooth or Canvas Texture – (Peel & Stick)

This removable wallpaper removes clean although we recommend using a heat gun to peel it off after it’s been up for a while. It’s also waterproof and washable. Designed to help you apply your prints easily yourself.

This wallpaper solves the hassles of traditional wall paper installations with an easy to apply, matte white self adhesive film. Ideal for the non-professional, DIY installer with no experience or tools required. Better yet, when you are done with that graphic it can be removed with minimal fuss and cleaning, Up to 3 years on indoor interior walls. Great for partial and full wall graphics.


Home interiors decoration – including rental accommodation | Schools and office interiors | Retail and Point of Sale | Restaurants and Cafes.


Silk Paper Texture – (Spray & Up)

A beautiful textured wallpaper with a unique look. Quick, easy and clean. Eliminates the need for conventional wallcover paste. Simply spray the wall with water, then apply the wide format media directly.


Home Interiors Decoration – including Rental Accommodation | Schools and Office Interiors | Retail and Point Of Sale | Restaurants and Cafes.


Commercial Grade Smooth – (Wet & Up)

This smooth wallpaper is pre-pasted. Simply activate the glue with water and install. There’s no need to handle separate glue or adhesives and no glue waste to deal with. You get strong adhesion, yet with this strippable wall paper, removal is easy and clean.

HP PVC-free Wall Paper printed with water-based HP Latex Inks produces odourless prints that meet GREENGUARD criteria for low emitting products. Flame retardant class A approved fire certification. Up to 20 years display permanence indoors, away from direct sun. Mould and mildew resistant. PVC-free alternative with a true, ultra-smooth wall paper finish.


Offices and Retail | Schools and child care centres | Government Departments | Home interiors decoration



Other Wallpapers medias are available on request. Please contact our team for more information.

*Please note that images are for illustration purposes only and although all care is taken, with some prints the scale may differ slightly to shown. This is particularly true of murals, which will be scaled and cropped to your specific wall dimensions. 

“Wallpaper impressively defining interior spaces”

Read our guest article for the Autumn Accom Mag 2017 edition, discussing new wallpaper innovations and its role in interior design.

We strongly believe wallpaper is cementing its longevity in interior design in new and innovative ways, and by using advanced equipment like the HP 560; fast, environmentally friendly and safe wallpaper production is a breeze.

At Innovate Interiors, we’re focusing on utilising this new technology to complement the artwork services we offer already, including the framing, designing and sourcing of top quality artwork, creating, stretching and framing custom canvas, plus an in-house graphic design team at your disposal. All of our services are carried out of our Gold Coast factory and supplied nationwide. Every frame is handmade and every design is personalised.